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Macbeth essay

Macbeth cinematic/ thematic essay

1a) Lady Macbeth: “ I would, while it was smiling in my face, have pluck’d my nipple from his boneless gums, and dashed his brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this.” ( act 1, scene 7, line 61-64)
b) This quote by Lady Macbeth emphasizes the meaning of power corrupts. Lady Macbeth is so determined to have her husband become king, and have all the power. She is willing to harm the innocent in order to be in control, that’s how selfish she is. This also shows that Lady Macbeth is ruthless, and is chastising Macbeth for being a whimp. She knows how gentle  it is to love, yet she would fling the baby to the ground if she had to, just like Macbeth resolved to kill his uncle. She is starting to manipulate her husband, and slowly pick him apart.
c) In the movie Macbeth, this scene really focuses on Lady Macbeth. The close up of her face and seeing the meaning of the words she says in her eyes filling up with tears really sets the mood. Robert Goold also uses side lighting on Lady Macbeths face, which reallly brings out her evilness. Long shot is also used in this scene with Macbeth standing off behind her. This shows me that Macbeth is intimidated by her. I get the sense that Lady Macbeth is in control of him, he does as she wishes.
d) I really got a sense of Lady Macbeths characterfrom this qoute. Seeing this scene in the movie allowed me to see her true character, and see how evil she really is. Seeing her actions and hearing her voice rather than reading helped me understand who she really is. The film does a really good job of revealing the true characters.

2a) Lady Macbeth: “ Look like th’ innocent flower but be like the serpent under t’.” ( act 1, scene 5 line 60)
b) Lady Macbeth says this to Macbeth when she is trying to influence him to murder the king. This quote shows that things aren’t always as they seem because she is trying to tell him to be innocent, and to be pure in the eyes of the king. We know that Macbeth is not innocent, but Lady Macbeth wants him to fool everyone, and realy he has evil inside him. This shows that Lady Macbeth is driving her ambition onto Macbeth. She is much more ruthless and ambitious than her husband.
c) This scene in Macbeth also puts it’s focus mainly on Lady Macbeth. Again, the use of lighting on her face seems to be key. With the dark shadowing background, it shows her superior evilness compared to Macbeth at the time. Non diegetic sounds are also used to help potray her darkside, and make the audience be fearfull. A low angle made her appear strong, powerful, and threatening, which is just who Lady macbeth is. The film really trapped her evil apperance.
d) The effects Goold put in this scene really captured my eye. The clear picture of her pale face and piercing eyes explained to me how she corrupted Macbeth. She appears as a very powerful women. The tone of her voice also played a role in her character. Seeing the visual made a bigger impact on my understanding rather than reading from a book. I got to know the characters better, and see this evil women in action.

3a) Macbeth: “ Stay you imperfect speakers, tell me more..” (act 1, scene 3, line 72-80)
b) This quote is from when Macbeth encounters the three witches. They start to tell Macbeth information, and he wants to know more. Their superstition affects Macbeths behavior. The witches are sneaky, and like Lady Macbeth quite decieving. Macbeth believes what they say, and this conversation is what begins the desire to kill and become king. It was foolish of him to listen to the witches.
c) This scene in Macbeth is what starts it all. The diegetic sound of suspense brings the feeling of trouble. The witches are dressed as nurses with direct high key lighting right above them. While the rest of the scene is low key, making the witches look superior. Their voices are loud and robotic like, also making them seem mysterious. Long shot is also used, as the witches walk away they become distant and vanish, leaving Macbeth flustered.
d) Although I’m not too found of the witches, I really liked this scene in the movie. It introduced the movie to me , and made me want to keep watching. The three witches are very blunt, loud, and intreging. I can get a sense of their strange vibe through the movie. All in all they are very devious characters that keep you thinking.

4a) Macbeth: “ Blood will have blood.” ( act 3, scene 4, line 144)
b) When Macbeth says this quote he realizes that he has killed, so he knows that he to will be killed. When he sees Banquos ghost in the dinning room he becomes frightend, and this is when I realized that blind ambition leads to ones dowfall. Macbeth was so driven to kill so that he could have the power, that he completely blocked out consequences or revenge one might have on him. He was very ignorant to both himself and his surroundings. He started to weaken, as well as Lady Macbeth.
c) This is a very important scene in the movie. Macbeths voice in the empty dinning room is very loud and abrupt as he screams in fear. Banqous ghost appears in this scene with lighting coming from above him, making his presence almost transparent. The room is also fairly high key lighting, clearly showing the expressions on the face of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Although Macbeth says this to himself, his wife is still in the room, with a worried look on her face. There is a high angle on Macbeth making him seem belittled and imperior to the ghost.
d) I feel somewhat satisfied during this scene. Macbeth finally realizes the chaos hes caused, and that he to will be put to death for it. He deserves whats coming to him, and I think he should of know better than to jump into something like he did with no thorough plan.

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Oedipus and Antigone test

A block


Oedipus and Antigone Test

1.)    I strongly believe that fate is what decides our future for us, and although everyone has free will to make their own decisions, fate is what plans out the series of events in our lives. Although I believe that there is a set life for each person, the power of free will has the ability to change or alter these plans. The choices we make in life everyday continually change, and the decisions made by the people around us could most deffinatley take our fate in a whole new direction. Fate is nothing but every ones free will intertwining.

    No matter what anyone says, fate truly does exist, you cannot live your life based on free will. This would mean every decision is made by you, and you are responsible for everything that happens in your future. This is not realistic because there are many things that will happen in your life that you cannot control no matter how hard you try. For instance whether you were born a boy or a girl is solely based on the power of fate. It is your parents free will to decide whether you are born into this world or not, but they have no control over what gender you are going to be, it is all in the control of fate. I believe that both fate and free will play a role in having the parents that I have. It was their decision on whether  to meet and bring me into this world, but it was all in fates hands that I became their child.
    It is hard to say whether our lives are shaped by our own decisions, or they were decided for us. Or perhaps our lives were decided by the people around us, sometimes we have no control until we are old enough to make our own decisions. There are many events in my life where I have made my own choices, and whether I regretted them or not it was still my free will to do so. There are also many times where fate has decided events in my life for me. For instance, none of us chose to get sick, or get hurt, we don’t want bad things to happen but they do. Its not our free will to make things like that occur, but that is fates way of happening. Although fate can also be a good thing, it is very unpredictable and you never know what life’s going to give you. I believe that some things happen for a reason, and that the choices you make also effect where you stand. If you asked me what I believe in more, fate or free will, I wont have a set in stone answer. I believe that I stand in the middle of fate and free will.

2.)    A lie is a false statement with deliberate intent to decieve. It is something that can be so missunderstood, and it can also be very scary. No I dont think it's ever okay to lie, but I do, everyone does. If you told me that you've never lied in your life, then you would be lying to yourself. People get lied to on a daily bases, sometimes without even knowing it. It doesn't always have to be bad, many people lie to prevent hurt feelings. Some people even lie to themselves to avoid the truth because they dont want to face it. The truth can sometimes be hurtful, but in my opinion i'd rather know the truth then be lied to, because it's going to hurt even more in the end if you find out the truth. When were little our parents lie to us all the time. We get told that santas real, and that the easter bunny lays eggs, or that we're really going to become a princess when we're older. Those are all just lies, but we were to young and naive to understand it then. Now that we're older we know these things, but if you think about it, I didn't mind being lied to because it gave me a childhood, imagination, and the ability to believe in anything.
    Sometimes you have to intentionally lie to someone because it's for their own good. Everyone has gotten lied to for some reason or another, and it will continue to happen our whole lives. I sometimes feel bad for little kids, because i feel like they get lied to the most. Most little girls love ponies, i'd be amazed to find one that didn't, but i have never seen one child so in love with something more than a little girl named Emily was with a pony named monkey. She rode monkey every week, and thats all she ever talked about. It was the cutest thing to watch the two together. Monkey was pretty old and often got sick and ended up passing away one day. My riding instructor could never tell Emily the truth, it would break her heart. So she told her that Monkey went to a pasture with a bunch of grass so that he could be happy for retirement. Although my trainer told a lie, it was in Emily's best interest for her not to know the truth, she was too young and all the truth would have done was make her upset. She wasn't mature and stable enough to understand.
    I am old enough to know that i have gotten lied to many times, some instances where I have found out or caught someone in a lie, and some that i probably still do not know the truth. I was once told by a family member that they were going to stop abusing drugs. it turns out that they didnt, and I was lied to.I know it can be very hard, but I would have rather known the truth so that I could have helped, or been there for them. Not only me, but many people find it hard to trust because of lies. Trust is also one of those powerful things, and many peoples trust is destroyed by lies. I believe that the truth should always be told unless it is something that will not hurt us. Although I don't believe that the truth sets us free, I believe that it gives us some sort of closure. It helps us move on from what we don't want to remember. Fact or fiction, the truth or a lie, no matter how you put it, it's still the same meaning. It can determine happiness or sadness, trust, and most importantly your life.

3.)    Sigmund Freud's Oedipus complex is the childhood desire to sleep with the mother, and to kill the father. As the son gets older he falls in love with his mother and has the desire to sleep with her. He evys the father and becomes jealous of their father so the son kills him. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus kills his father, the king so that he can marry the queen, Jocasta.
    I believe that in some circummstances Freuds theory could be true and hold some valid points, but I think some aspects of it are pretty ridiculous. now a days many children do not think in that manner, and most of it is just acts of innocence. I believe that boys do go through these stages, but they do not have a desire to want their mother for more than just that. Young children always want their mother because women are naturally more caring and nurturing then men, and they carry their child around for nine months. it's just what a child is used to, it does not mean they want to have sexual relations with their mom.
    I do support the oedipus complex in the fact that as you get older and reach different ages, you do go through different stages of life. You can reach certain points where you have different feelings and your body is changing .Also that it is a sons job to take his fathers place to look after his mother, but not in that manner, and not by killing him off. I do not believe the father is ever hated in the father and son realtionship unless he is out of the picture, or has done something to have hatred upon himself. Many boys look up to their fathers for guidence, and they want to be just like them. in many circumstances a father and sons realtionship is stronger than that of a mother and son.

4.)    Antigone was a strong willed and courageous women who risked death penelty to give her brother a proper burial. She risked her life to do what she wanted, and what she felt was the right thing. Antigone didn't let anyone get in her way and she did not care about the consequences. She wanted her brother to be buried in peace and comfort, and im sure she wanted to let him know how strong she was for him. Antigone believed that the burial rituals are the unwritten rules of the Gods, and must be obeyed, so she stuck to her belief and did what she had to. I think that she got the courage because she knew thats what the Gods wanted her to do.
    There are so many rules and laws that half of the time you don't even know what you should or shouldn't be doing. Some rules I follow, some I bend, and then there are some that I break. I believe that it is always important to follow any rule/ law that has to do with safety or staying out of trouble. I will always follow laws such as drinking and driving, drugs, stealing, and acts of violence. Theres a few people that think its okay to break these laws, but all you're doing is hurting yourself, and sometimes others around you, which is unfair. You can end up killing yourself, innocent people, or end up in jail maybe even for the rest of your life. There are some rules that aren't as serious and are a bit bendable. For instance in school, many kids bend a lot of the rules. I know im guilty for making detours to the bathroom, doing homework in class, and probably a few other things, but i wont get in any serious trouble for it, and its not a hazard to anything. I believe its okay to sometimes bend the rules when it doesn't appear as a big deal. There are also some rules that many people do not follow at all, including me. I'll admit that i always use my cell phone in school when its appropriate, or that download music from lime wire. Many laws are very important and should be followed, while others are not so important as to where it effects anyone.
    A law is a system of rules and guidelines enforced through social institutions. Some being fair, while others are not. There were many unfair laws in the times before I was born. we learn in history class about slavery, colored people not being allowed, and horrible events such as the holocaust that all happened because of unfair laws. Most have changed over time, but still some exist. The fair laws are what protect our community as a whole, and what keeps each person safe. Believe it or not the more you follow the rules you should, you will have successful life. It is important to stand up for what you believe, but also to know the difference between right and wrong.

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siddhartha comes to america

Siddhartha Comes to America
It was three in the morning, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.  I have been waiting to meet my great uncle Siddhartha for years.  He was coming to America all the way from India, and I am the lucky one who gets to pick him up from the airport in the morning, and plan our whole weekend.  I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to take him yet, but I had a few good places in mind.  I was so overwhelmed with thoughts, but I knew I needed to get back to sleep.  I had a long weekend ahead of me, so I cleared my mind and shut my eyes.
“Wake up Sam!” my mom yelled, “its time to get Uncle Siddhartha.” I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and on my way I was.  I arrived at Bradley International Airport with my mind still racing and anticipating Siddhartha’s appearance.  I saw a tall, slender man wearing very unusual clothing walk out of the baggage claim area and thought to myself, that must be him.  I ran up to him, introduced myself, and informed him that we had a busy day, and we started to get going.
The big city, that’s where I decided to take uncle Sid.  I have always loved Times Square, and I wanted to share my experience with my uncle.  I decided we would take the train to get the full effect.  We arrived at Grand Central Station, and uncle Sid's mouth dropped with astonishment.  I assumed he never seen anything like it before.  “Its amazing” he said “I’ve never seen so many people.”  This is a whole other world from India.Before evening that day he reached a large town and he was glad because he had a desire to be with people. (50/51) “this is more than a town.” I told him. “This is the big city.” I hope you don’t hate some of the things you see, I thought to myself.  We got to walking around, he gazed at the bright lights everywhere, and his eyes wondered in all the commotion of the city.  “whats the smell?” he said. It smells gross. “That would be American food” I chuckled.  “Here you have to try some”  “I’ve never tasted anything like it” he said. “Its…its delicious!” I smiled at him and leaded him over toward some of the street vendors, so he could get a souvenir, when all of a sudden his face went blank, and he stopped dead in his tracks.  “why are those people sitting on the streets?” he asked.  “They look cold and hungry.”  “They’re homeless”  I replied.  This is horrible, I don’t want to see this.  I’ve never seen anyone look so dissapointed as my uncle did looking at the homeless people on the streets.  “Come on  uncle Sid, lets go to central park.” I suggested. “ you can relax and find peace there.” Siddhartha reflected deeply as he went on his way.(37) I realized maybe the city wasn’t such a good place to take him for his first visit in America. He explained to me how he hated seeing people like that, and he didn’t understand why it happened. No one should suffer, no one should live life like that. ‘ Its okay.” I reassured him. “Tomorrow we’ll go to a place where you can meditate and connect with your inner soul.” “You can even teach me how!” I exclaimed.
After a long day and a good nights sleep it was time for another adventure. Today we were off to the Botanical Gardens. I knew Siddhartha would love it there. The smell of flowers and fresh air, the sound of the waterfalls and birds chirping. It was a world of beauty, and the perfect place for uncle Sid to refresh himself. “ This is perfect Samantha.” He said. “You will be able to find your inner self here.” We sat on a little bridge over looking the water. He talked to me about Samsara and finding Nirvana. He rambled on about many things, and he told me that if time is not real, then the dividing line that seems to lie between this world and eternity, between suffering and bliss, between good and evil, is also an illusion.” I was pretty overwhelmed and confused by all of this, but I pretended to understand. After we finished meditating we walked around admiring the beauty of nature that surrounded us.
Siddartha bent down, lifted a stone from the ground and held it in his hand.(144) “ What are you doing?” I asked. “ This is not just a stone.” He said, “ it may not have value, but it could be something one day.” “ Perhaps an animal or a spirit.” I began to realize how different Siddharta was from the rest of the family, but his beliefs were interesting to me. “ Well, I hope you liked it here.” I said. “ I love it, I feel reborn.” He said. My face lit up with a smile and we headed home.
Out of this whole experience with uncle Sid I learned a lot about him.i was glad he enjoyed our visit in New york, and I wish I had more time to spend with him. It had been a long couple of days, and we were both exhausted. We both crashed as soon as we got home. “Goodnight uncle Sid.” I said. “Goodnight.” He replied.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

college essay

a) I chose this essay because its something that i really love and that interests me. Horses really express who i am as a person
b) I think my essay has good detail, it full fills my point
c) It may  sound too "listy" maybe make it flow better
d) does my first paragraph seem to not go? also, does my essay seem to argumentative?

 The wind blowing through my hair, and the exhilaration of the power and strength I suddenly have. I can feel his muscles underneath me as he floats through the air.
               Many people ask me what sports I play, and I tell them that I am an equestrian. Most people think it's not even a sport, that it requires no skill, and all you do is just "sit" there. Many don't think of us as much of athletes at all, but I tell myself otherwise, because I know better. I know that it's much more than that, but some people are just too naive to understand.
               To trust something so unpredictable, something that has a mind of its own, is something so much more than trusting a human being. Falling from twenty feet up, going thirty miles an hour, brushing yourself off, and climbing back up in the saddle without shedding a tear. It's what I call fearless. The courage to be able to run full speed at a solid obstacle, hoping your horse will jump over something taller than the both of you.
               It's not just about riding around in a circle, a horse is such a smart and talented animal. No one thinks a team of horse and rider can do half the things we are capable of. To be able to preform an intricate dance on an animal that doesn't speak your language, to slide to a complete halt in two seconds flat, or to be able to attempt a handstand on a moving creature that could turn on you at any second. Horses have a mind of their own, and as equestrians we are able to connect with them in a way that no one else can.
               Before people underestimate us, they should think to themselves, have you ever had a team mate that was five times the size of you? Or had a connection with a 1300 pound animal? I risk my life every day for this sport, but it makes me a stronger, more responsible person. My horse and I help each other get over our fears. We work hard to be able to do what some people call just riding, hours a day every day a week. To be a true rider is to be courageous, responsible, dedicated, fearless, and always up to tackle a new challenge. to ride a horse is anything, and everything but easy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

summer reading essay

Samantha Cole
Accel English 12
A block

            The Long Journey Ahead
                                        ( The Bean Trees, Friday Night Lights)

There was nothing but my bug, the open road, and I. The only other thing besides nature was the welcome to Kentucky sign in the distance behind me. This was my escape I needed to get out of here, I was going to drive and drive until my bug wouldn't let me anymore. I was so exhausted, the long stretch of road looked never ending. Then I saw a sign that said Welcome to Arizona, and a small little coffee shop just up the road. I walked inside, and sat down at a small table in the back. The waiter came over and I swear I had seen him before.
    “Mike? Mike Winchell?” I asked. “It’s me Missy, well now I go by Taylor.” I hadn't seen Mike since I was a little girl, when I used to live in Texas. “Missy! Hey, how are you?” Mike asked me. “ I'm alright, as you can see i left Texas, i live in Kentucky now, well actually i just left there too. i think I'm going to stay here in Arizona.” “How are you, what brings you here Mike?” “I played football all through high school, we even made it to semi finals for states, but then we lost. Now I'm here looking at a college to play ball at. I'm working here part time to make a little money.” Mike explained. Mike had always loved football, even when we were growing up. “So how come you came to Arizona, um Taylor, right?” Mike asked. “ Well mama isn't too happy with me leaving home, but i wanted better for myself. Every girl in high school was dropping out cause they were pregnant, i didn't want that kind of life.” i explained. Mike nodded understandingly. “ Well I'm glad you made a smart decision. Lately I've been thinking that my decisions aren't so smart. I'm never going to get onto the college ball team, what was i thinking?” Ive never seen Mike so disappointed before.
    I told Mike to sit down, and have a cup of coffee with me, i couldn't leave until i knew that he had his head held high. “ Do you remember when we were little kids Mike? and you used to make me play ball with you everyday, that's all you ever did. You loved it, and you still do. You've got to go after your dreams Mike, I know you can do it, its what you love. Just promise me one thing, that you’ll try?” Mike just starred down with a blank face for awhile, then he looked up at me and said, “okay.” “You're more successful than me, at least you finished high school, i dropped out and practically ran away.” i explained to him.
    “ Well, you better get back to work, i don't want to get you fired. I should probably get back on the road anyways.” I said. “ thank you Taylor, I'll see you around, it was great to see you.” Mike said. I smiled and walked out of the shop. As i got to the car i noticed something moving in the back seat, it was a baby. I couldn't tell the gender, and it looked as though it had been abused. I didn't know what to do, except to take it with me. I couldn’t believe someone would do this. I started up the bug and drove off into the distance. “This is going to be a long journey ahead of me” I whispered to myself.